It was necessary to have a miscellaneous branch to Galacticsurf: Really cool sites exist
but are difficult to classify in any particular domain.
Here they are: Have a nice 'Galactisurf' !!!

http://belmontnc.4dw.net/ Dedicated to educating beginners. Over 200 unique drawings of celestial objects; A double star list in blazing color; Tutorials; Book reviews; Test reports; Biographies etc… * * * *
http://www.tranquilityposters.com/ Download little movies about the ISS or screen backgrounds. You can also buy nice astro-posters on this site. * * *


Public information about Hubble..

* * * * *

http://www.worldwidelearn.com/astronomy.htm Online learning: List of links related to lectures and informations about all topics related to astronomy. * * * * *
http://www.windows.umich.edu/ A real cool site concerning all topics about earth and space sciences: A window on our universe... * * * * *
http://www.ottisoft.com/orbit_x.htm Orbit Explorer: An orbit simulator. Physics educational software for high school and college students and teachers. Study elliptical orbits, double stars, escape velocity, Kepler's third law, Lagrange points, the three body problem and more (Shareware). * * * *
http://www.ias.fr/ The web site of the Space Astrophysics Institute. A good sample of the French Research concerning space sciences (galactic, stellar, solar system physics and even astrochemistry). * * *
http://club.octan.free.fr/ Site of the OCTAN club (Loire Department amator astronomy association) :Information about various topics concerning astrophotography. Interesting site. . * * *
http://www.astrosurf.com/wolfgane/ What is cool with the web is that you can enjoy the experienceand advice of other people that for free leave their knowledge accessible to everyone. Click here for cool info about space imaging.! To be seen ! * * * *
http://www.sec.noaa.gov/ Space weather. * * * *
Presentation and activities of the astronomical group of Spa (in Belgium). A goldmine of information for amator astronomers. * * * *
http://www.spaceweather.com/ Space weather, another website. * * * *
http://www.superstringtheory.com/store/e... Buying books on cosmology or superstrings theory. * * *

An example of astronomy course.

* * *


An example of how some religions accept the new actual knowledge about Universe's evolution (Here, Islam). * * *
http://www.blupete.com/Literature/Bio... Scientist Biographies. * * *
http://theory.uwinnipeg.ca/mod_tech... Physics' theory (definitions). Really extensive. * * * * *
http://spaceplace.jpl.nasa.gov/space... Play with Space!!! * * * *
http://www.spacelinks.com/SpaceCar... Find a Job related to space: Space carreers. * * * *


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