Do you want to know all the secrets about gravitation, space and time? If you click here, everything will become clear and you will find all theories necessary to calm down your need for knowledge. An enormous work which will become a gold mine for all amators.
SITE OF THE MONTH DECEMBER 2001 (french section). Astronomy can be a very strong hobby. The webmaster of this site for instance (astronomy, solar system and stars). summary of International press communiqués dealing with astronomy, geophysics and oceanography. You'll find links to very interesting articles about the latest discoveries in these scientific fields. You want to be up-to-date with the latest space news on a daily basis ? one address : Various data about celestial objects and space missions. Interesting. Another astronomy nutcase shares his passion here. Tons of stuff that has everything to do with space sciences… A very nice site with tons of information about our solar system, amateur astronomy and even a little cosmology. To be seen. A very nice site full of good stuff : photos, documents about starts and planets, astro software and a database containing 8168 space objects ! ! !

Bilingual astronomy site result of a collaboration of amators and professionals: tens of educational features, technical reports, thousands of illustrations and links. An incredible site.
My personal opinion: Absolutily gorgeous.
WEB SITE OF THE MONTH JUNE 2001 The Astro Lounge is meant to be the start of your astronomical journey on the internet. The possibiblites of where you can go from here are endless. Read about astronomy and cosmology and just follow the links to know more. A good starting place for a Galacticsurf !!! Presentation of the 88 constellation, the messier and NGC catalogues, in relation with an online sky map and index. Cool site. A moderate sized web site on the solar system and space conquest. To be wired to the latest news in cosmology, planetology, exobiology etc... Here is where you must click (in French only). Everything that has to do with space. To be seen absolutily !!!! One of the biggest astro sites on the web. Bookmark it !!! Very complete and instructive website presenting 6 main sections: relativity, thermodynamics, waves, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics and the structure of the universe. Super site !!! A superb site relating to earth and space sciences: A window on our universe...

Enormous web site of Claude Lafleur, scentific journalist crazy about space (Space exploration, topology of the universe, various cosmic objects etc...) + many many links.
SITE OF THE MONTH (french version): FEBRUARY 2001 The electronic universe: Many field of Physics are treated here + of course space sciences. The magazine to follow astro-news. Galaxies, stars, planets and vaccum. A web site searching for our origins. galactic, stellar and cometar astrophysics (Institut d'astrophysique de Liege). Fields of research investigated by the astrophysics group of the CEA (Centre d'Etude Atomique). Whispering of the cosmos: Presentation of our knowledge about the universe. A whole book on the NET: Formation and evolution of galaxies, stars, solar sytem and life. Actually, a cool lecture about the objects of our Universe. Introduction to astronomy (Univ of California): real cool.


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