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Dear Galacticsurfers, here is a bran new section of your favourite Astro-portal : Space softwares. All the softwares listed are Freeware or Shareware. No commercials. You will be able to find commercial stuff by looking the other portals in the 'astro software portals' section. Have a nice Galacticsurf !!!

Sky Mappers

ASTRONOMICA: A reference in space softs: This sky generator lets you the stars, galaxies, the Milky Way, nebulas and planets from any point on Earth, at any time. And... no I'll stop decribing, you have to see it for yourself !!! In french and English.


STARGAZER'S DELIGHT: With this software by Ruedi Schmid you can see any star from any location (planets, galaxies, star clusters). Also phases of the moon, paths of planets, animations, great planetary pictures and much more

Mac SPICA: This software has been specially written by Guillaume Richard and Laurent Saint-Marcelfor for amator astronomers wishing to preparare their observing nights. French and English versions.

Windows SKY CHARTS: Map of the sky in this gorgeous free program written by Patrick Chevalley. Windows KAYAGAKI III: Another space maper with abundant data. It's originality resides in its very cool ergonomy and choice of colour to be used while observing (with a plasma screen for instance). Windows

POWERAGESKY : An original astronomical software which gives you the ability to observe the sky on your computer. Windows MYSTARS by Relative Data Products is a scientifically rigorous, yet fun and educational Windows astronomy program that simulates the sky and helps you visualize and locate the positions of stars, planets, comets, minor planets, and Messier (M) objects from any location on earth and any date/time from BC 2000 to AD 6000. Windows

CALENDRIER BOREAL: This software written by Alain Gauthier allows the amator to reply 2 main questions: How exactly looks the moon tonight ? and what can be observed tonight in the sky ? French.

Windows HOME PLANET v 3.1 by J. Walker. An easy to comprehend space and satellite tracking package . Windows STARCALC by E. Zavalishin lets you observe the star positions which are presented in a semispherical whole sky or any of the user defined sub-areas. These images can be zoomed at different scales, rotated, screen-captured and printed. Windows SKYMAP is an astronomical mapping program written in Fortran and C for Unix workstations by Doug Mink of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Telescope Data Center. UNIX XPLNS by Osamu Ajiki Xplns reproduces real starry sky on your display of X Window System. It calculates the position of many celestial objects (stars, galaxies, nebulae, constellations, planets, comets, etc.) very accurately. You can enjoy the past and future sky on the desk top as if you have traveled all around the world. In solar system projection mode, you can examine motion of solar objects. UNIX, Linux NIGHT VISION by Brian Simpson. A "planetarium" program which ables you to observe the skies from any point on earth without moving from your chair. Many parameters can be manipulated for your pleasure. Have a look !! OS/2

About planets

PLANET WATCH (v 2.2) by Galen Raben is the perfect tool to know more about the planets of our solar system: their motion, geology, athmosphere etc. Pictures, maps, data from all the nearby passing probes transforms this software in an informative and entertaining program.


MOON CALCULATOR by Monzur Ahmed is a program that gives all required information for the observation of the moon for any given dates, time and location. This is the perfect programm for all Moon lovers !!!


OPEN UNIVERSE simulates in real time the Solar System's bodies in 3D. You can therefore view all the planets, moons and spaceships move along their paths, trace, follow, orbit and even control them.


Astronomy software portals

Des dizaines, que dis je des centaines de logiciels astro dont la majorité gratuits !! planétariums, cartes, éphémérides, traitement d'image, cadran solaire, cartographie planétaire, heure etc. A voir absolument.
Non French speakers speakers: do not be afraid most of the software is in English... The equivalent of Galacticsurf but for astronomy softwares. Selected, tested, described and catalogued into various sections. Direct downloads for nearly all softs are possible from this portal. Very cool and reliable: a big hit !!!
SITE OF THE MONTH: DECEMBER Nice compilation of cool softwares

A tremendous list of softwares, demos, skymapers, databases, planetariums etc...
Note: Some problem of connection to this site could occur:-( Freeware software portal for Astronomy: divided into 4 sections: General astronomy, satellite tracking, telescope software and sky simulation. list of astro Softwares for OS/2 (possible connection problems to this site). Specially selected Macintosh Astronomy: The Galacticsurf for astro softwares only for Mac !!!

No Linux users haven't been forgotten !!! Big list of links to astro-software for the users of the new generation OS !!!


Miscellaneous MAXCLOCK, a high-precision astronomical clock software "MAXCLOCK" has been in use both by amateurs and professionals.


XEPHEM: The accurate and reliable interactive astronomy software tool for all UNIX-like systems including Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.


For about 6 years, the LfA (LINUX FOR ASTRONOMY) project has been compiling the most collection of Astronomical software, and making it available for the Linux operating system.

LINUX You like computers? you're crazy about astronomy? That's where you've got to go !!! 5Gb of open source software and their documentation for all platforms can be ordered for a very modest price (this is actually an evolution of the LfA project (Linux for astronomy). Enjoy !!! MACOS / WIN

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