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URL Description Tongue Section Everything on UB313 Solar System Exit Pluto, hello UB313 ? Solar System What is known on Quaor Solar System Everything about Sedna Solar System Reseach of new earth by the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Exoplanets How to simulate how extrasolar Earths would look like in order to know what to search for!!! Exoplanets The anglo-australien planet search Exoplanets Evolution of "51 Peg b-like" Planets Exoplanets The Astrobiology e-Zine. Everything you want to know, you'll find here. One of the best sites on the subject, to my opinions Exobiologie TITAN... no need to explain why it is int he Exobiology section... Exobiologie Categorized links to a wealth of resources on the space life sciences Exobiologie Because biology is also chemistry... Exobiologie The reference for exobiology on the web Exobiologie Fantastic site about universal evolution Cosmologie To get intiated without too much difficulty to what may become the new standard model one day Part. Phys. Superstring theory: A highway towards unification... Check it out: from contradictions and theoretical flaws, new stuff allways shows up... Part. Phys. THe official superstring website... Many details on the numerous aspect of the theory. You want to stay basic: you can, you want to go deeper: you can also. Verdict: 5 stars ! Part. Phys. Simplification of the theory by a student, but very enriching as an initiation Part. Phys. Superstrings, explained in one page Part. Phys. Superstrings for the French Galacticsurfers !!! Part. Phys. The portal for astronomy in France. A reference for amator astronomers ! Astronomy The aurora borealis hunter… originial and beautifal. Well done Gilles ! ! ! Astronomy Un club d'Astronomie très actif près d'Avignon. Cela fait plaisir de voir comment l'astronomie bouillonne ! ! ! Présentation du club, exposés, des actualités astronomique, de bien belles images du ciel (mon avis perso), les voyages qui ont été organisés par le club, des liens etc…

Astronomy You want to be up-to-date with the latest space news on a daily basis ? one address : General An excellent gallery collection categorized in various themes : Fantastic pictures ! ! ! Photos galleries MAXCLOCK, a high-precision astronomical clock software "MAXCLOCK" has been in use both by amateurs and professionals. Astro software


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