Becoming a privileged partner of Galacticsurf, the portal to the stars

Would you like to participate to the Galacticsurf adventure ? I propose to initiate with you a solid and fructuous partnership. Here are a few ideas. I am also open to any original suggestions .

1 - You probably noticed on the main page some 'Partner spaces'. The aim is to propose to Galacticsurfers alternatives to their research by creating a 'space science information network' of great quality. If you are interested, please send me an application at the following email:

I am very focused on offering a great quality in the ressources to Galacticsurfers. Only web sites containing information of great quality or rich and updated portals will be considered.

2 - Galacticsurf needs continuous development. Any proposition for a commercial partneship (for instance affiliation) will be welcome. However, please note that these will be selected based on the interest they could have for Galacticsurfers: No pollution ! Therefore, only propositions in relation with space sciences will be considered. Please send your application to

Thanks, The Webmaster