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ENGLISH SITES The site on the web of the Meade ETX Astro telescope. Do you use one ? Do you plan to invest in one? Bookmark this site immediately !!!

Site presenting black and white CCD pictures. Basic techniques for CCD imaging. Files about turbulence, telescope installation, focalisation. You are crazy about CCD imaging. This site is for you ! A nice personal web-site with information about the solar system and possibility to go more in depth with provided links.


Astroweb 2000: It is difficult to beleive that this web site is a personal one: it's so extensive and regularly up to dated: the best personal site !!! Web hosting of personal astro sites.

My own cosmology page: Actually my first web page !!! So it has a little sentimental value ;-)
A few thoughts full of daydreams about the universe. Poets and stars. An exotic content for this site. Detailed description of the main constellations. To be seen !!! @stroplus: Web site about the solar system, constellations, space exploration, exobiology... fast, clear: a real pleasure to galacticsurf here !!! Photos of a passionate in astronomy using his Vesta Pro camera as an ace. Many interesting links. cool site.

This web site is for everyone that is interested in the universe without having knowledge of english. Many pictures from terrestrial and space telescopes. Fundamental questions that a man asks himself, and how he proposes solutions... A web site entirely dedicated to the moon, its exploration and possible colonization.
http://astronome.itinerant... What do you do when you discover astronomy and get crazy about it but you have a limited budget and live in a big city ??? Discover how this young guy and is nextar 5 telescope manage and live his condition very well !!! If you want to start looking seriously at the sky, start here, it should be of interest (French only, sorry). Very nice personal site: Many pictures and detailed description of our solar system. The web site of an astronomly club: star dust. Many space pictures taken by the members of the club. A.A.A.A: Auvergne amator astronomers association.


Check the webmaster's latest music project: Electro music and Techno with synaptic machines!