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Galleries Dreamstone: A very nice site where 80 space art artists expose thair most beautiful pictures. This gallery contains outstanding work from today's most talented artists in the field. A real pleasure for the eyes. SITE OF THE MONTH DECEMBER 2001. Unfortunatily The Dark Matter Art Gallery has been closed but they had the courtesy to leave an extensive list of links to the web sites of the artists and also to other galleries! Galacticsurfers appreciate the gesture. Liste of space artists with links to their personal sites: An excellent platform ! Very nice SciFi picture from 12 artists. To admire totally.

artist sites Erik Victor invites you for a trip through art, technology and his views about the future. fasten your seatbelts and sail through his pictural and animated talents. Beautiful paintings of Andrew C. Stewart. Space art lovers will get crazy about this site. Here is the description the author gives for his art: "I was influenced by chester Bonestell, what I like about space art you can go anywhere in the minds eye opening new doors to the visual imagination" Sky, clouds, space, planets, a trip between earth and universe following the rythme of the light...

Galery of a very talentuous artist: Joe Bergeron. We just dive in his pictures and float with the dreams they inspire... Hold on to your seat belt: 13 incredible pictures of Don Davis will cut your breath (personally, one of my favourites !!!)

Web site containing 3 superb collections of space art pictures (B. E. Johnson).

Interesting, because Jim Scott comments his paintings. His favourite space objects are certainly comets !!!

You want to dream ? Click here ro join most of Ralf Schoofs work !!!

Only 4 pictures of SF fantasy, but be aware, here there is real talent ! (Steven Hobbs).

Some beautiful pictures of S. Florides. Clearly influenced by the magnificience of Saturn.

9 nice paintings of Chris Dorreman representing planets.

A world of SF fantasy: sights only existing in dreams (really ?).

Many pictures, photos and a dedicated searchengine.



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