Space is fascinating...
Why not trying to make it the center of your professional life by applying for a job related to space sciences ?
Here is a selection of links that you may find of great interest.
GOOD LUCK !!! ESA - Owning lots of money and very good working conditions just to exert your passion !!! Find your dream job here !!!
Space Science Telescope Institue: Observe the Universe and help humanity understanding the universe !!! The site to go too for initiating a great Space Career: your comprehensive one-stop reference source for employment in the space industry. Over 500 companies offering space jobs are featured on this site Enter the prestigous NASA... Space jobs... the title of this site speaks for itself ! Great list of links towards space organisations with open positions ! How to become exobiologist? You'll be surprised to discover all the research areas involved... (In French) A collection of the best job resources for the science, space, and energy professions An excellent starting point for advise and space-job sites You want to become astronaut, space engineer, space scientist ? Check it out ! European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere: openings !!! Check it out... you never know... DEIMOS Space's team comprises an international group of highly motivated and competent professional engineers with broad expertise in space engineering. Check if there is a vacancie that could suit you ! You are still a teen, space makes you dream ? Have a look here to know what type of jobs exist !


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